Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Happy Father's Day

It's Fathers' Day and so Ace has been keeping secret his "secret present" for dad... which turned out to be some rubber wrist band his school gave out that said "Dads For Life".. that EVERY FATHER in Singapore would have gotten... wahahahaha:)

But I think Max still treasures it lah:)

We went to Popo house for lunch and then father and son engaged in some bonding time so  Max actually tried to learn how to play Clash Royale from Ace ....

That's Ace going "Alamak! Dun do that, you are not supposed to do that!!!" But Max was gloating afterwards because "I still won anyway!!!" Hahahahaha... But of course and he continued playing the"wrong" way, he started to lose the next few matches and then he said, "I don't want to play already..." Hahahahahaha

Ok, at least he tried lah:)

After lunch, we headed off to our Father's Day-Birthday-Gathering party:) It is a 3 in one party thanks to Grace and Mr Kee for inviting:)

So touched that head chef, Mr Kee actually baked these yummy mushroom pies for us!!!!

Chef at work!

there was even Mash Potatoe...and lots of other HAO LIAO/ GOOD STUFF!

Payback time... hen Max was away, Jon always helped us to take care of Ace.. (Eg, help him celebrate birthday lahteach him how to play golf lah, play hide and seek with him lah)  now is Max's turn to return the favour and help take care of his daughter:)

The every caring host, Mr Kee preparing ice cubes lovingly for the mens' highlight of the party-- their whisky stash:) hahahaha

While the kids were bz entertaining themselves. I am so happy Ace's phone ran out of battery cos that meant he had to play with the kids! wahahahaahhaa

And little S was so cute. She saw Ace put his phone in his pocket and insisted on changing into these pants with pockets so that she could also put her toy phone in her pocket:) hahahahahah

It was a birthday celebration for Ace and Jon as well and the amazing head baker, Grace, made this gluten free chocolate cake.... and can you believe it.. this yummilicious chocolate icing is made using cocoa powder and avocado! Tastes dam good lor!

Max was so happy he could use the cups that Grace made for drinking again.. he says these beautiful cups made the drinks more tasty than usual:)

The dads showing off their DADS FOR LIFE bands:) hahahaha

Mr Kee showing off his WHISKEY PARTY stash...

This picture deserves a little more description.. you see, Mr Kee posted a picture of the drinks..... so his wife went to ANGRY FACE it on FB... and he said, "Oi, why you angry face, should like it mah.." And then the boys wanted to have a bet with us... that they could gather 150 likes and that we couldnt gather MORE angry faces than their number of LIKES:) hahahahaha

The end result is there were 40 responses and that includes the 4 angry faces made by the 4 wives:) hahahahahhahaha.. wat 150?! Boo!

The very sly Max.... when my fren Annie messaged him to wish him Happy Fathers' Day, he turned the phone so I cannot see and sheepishly asked her to vote LIKE for the picture! Too bad for him, she baotoh him and messaged to tell me about it! hhahahahaha...

The mums do our graceful picture with our graceful white wine....

 THe kids started some decoating game and decorated buckets and stuff with all the little trinkets they found in S's toy stash...

 Very difficult to get this shot of the kids lor.. they all over the place and couldnt sit still... too bad Jen and Jean have gone home or we will have gotten pic of all the kids.... I am so glad that we are good friends and our kids also became good friends:)

 The kids made this special Fathers' Day "CAKE" for their fathers:)

 Then they started decorating the tricycle and they had so much fun they did not want to go home! So sorry to create world war 3 mess in Grace's house!

And then, finally, the kids reluctantly agreed to keep the toys and that was a perfect ending to a wonderful gathering... With the mess we created, Max reckoned we wouldnt be invited back again soon... even though we did all agree that gatherings with great friends are good for the soul and that we will do this one every few months:) hahahaha..

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