Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Like Father LIke Son

 So we did this a few years ago  and everyone said how much Ace looked like his dad....

And now that Ace is same age as the picture... Max says we should compare again.. Three you go... Look alike or not??:P

PS: This photo we took on the day Ace became HUNGRY CATERPILLAR! Are all growing boys like this??

He had full dinner... Ate ice cream... Ate 6 cream puffs and still declared that he feels like his stomach is empty like when he just wakes up in the morning....

Then he says he's got craving for Phad Thai... so we brought him to eat Phad Thai cos if not he keep whining that he is very hungry...

After eating this Phad Thai, he declares, "I feel very AWESOME now! "
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