Friday, June 03, 2016

What Is "Curry Favour"?

我的妈呀!At the suggestion of his Godma Karen, I borrowed a 水浒传story book from the library to read with Ace. I chose that book cos got 汉语拼音on top and the chapters are relatively short.... But not only was he not able to read it, I had to explain every sentence I read to him cos he doesn't know what things like 衙门,京城, 结拜兄弟are... And he kept asking me who I am talking about cos he cannot remember the names of the main characters... Can die lor...

He asked me what is "巴结" and I told him it is "to curry favour" and he asked me what is that?? I said it means "sar kar" lah... And he asked me what is that too... Out of desperation and running out of explanation, I told him it means "to suck balls lah... " and realized I shouldn't have said that 😓😓😓so I quickly try to explain more... "Like u want someone to like u and say and do lots of extra things to make them like you... Usually used to describe someone wanting to a higher ranking person like them.. Like their bosses or officials.... "

And he laughed very very hard for 3!whole minutes cos he says why will anyone wanna suck other people's balls? So silly!!!

But at least he was quite interested because of this... He learnt Chinese, English and even Singlish along the way too... Jia you, Angel Peng! So far completed chapter 1, 32 more chapters to go!

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