Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Black Face

I dunno if it is a tweenage thingy...

I noticed that lately, Ace is easily irritated and easily frustrated.... Everytime I look at him, he has this kiam pak bin... I really feel like slapping him...

I talked to him about being irritated and frustrated. I told him I understand that this is sometimes a difficult age to be in and a time where sometimes people tend to feel moody and all that... But that is no excuse to raise his voice when he talks to me when I am just asking him a simple question. It is very hurtful to be shouted at by your kid over nothing.

"Mummy, I tried to control already... and this is the best I can do.."  So I told him I will accept this and try to not be so upset... and he agreed he will work on it.

And.. somehow, he became less easily frustrated after that...

But leh, he still always has this default kiam pak face... like you know.. people have the resting bitch face... he has a resting kiam pak face.

So another day, while his mood was not too bad, I chatted with him and told him... "Maybe you are not aware leh.. but hor, everytime I look at you, you give this face... (I demo the face to him) And then even when I want to take photos of you... you give this look..."

IN case you are wondering it is THIS LOOK..

And then I demo the face again to him and asked him....

"If you want to do business and huat huat huat.. you want to find a partner that looks like this.. or with someone with a smiley face? If you are making friends in a room filled with people, you want to make fren with this face.. or a happy face leh?"

ANd Ace giggled and giggled and giggled and said "This face ok mah!"

But I know he got the point  lah.

I told him it is perhaps the norm for kids this age to have this face cause teenage angst or dunno wat but I hope he will have more awareness of what kind of expression he is carrying on his face and what sort of impression he will actually give others.

"Mama, you also young before mah.. you were never moody meh?" He asked me.

I told him I probably did but I cannot remember now. But I dun think I was tat chow bin... hahahaha ;) I told him sometimes I look at his face I really feel like boxing him or giving him a slap.. hahahahah.. cos tat is called a KIAM PAK face:)

I asked another friend if her kids had this face when they were this age... she laughed and laughed and laughed....  I gathered this kiam pak face is here to stay for some time. I just hope as with all phases Ace goes through in his life, this one will pass by quickly :)

A few days later, I was talking to Ace about this face.. he says he is now more aware and tries not to do that... and then he also told me he doesnt feel so moody now and that he was really moody because his fav game was giving him problems.. cos he was being demoted in levels or something... so he was feeling down.

I told him it is silly to feel down over a game lor.. a game is a game mah... and then he asked me to go into his room and pointed to his dream board and told me "But mama.. this is my gift mah-- 嘟嘴" Hahahaha... Actually it is the thing he has to heal lor... POUTING:) hahaha...

Then he said his dad has been having black face also mah... "So dun blame me.. I learn from the best.." He said with a cheeky smile.

My response to that?*Rolls eyes...*

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