Tuesday, January 03, 2017

School Reopens

When school reopened there were so many pictures of school going children on my FB feed... so I took one with Ace:)

That is us on our way to collect our new passports after a mac donald lunch.

I asked Ace how was his first day of school and he was really excited to see all his friends again.

Most important topic of the day- who is is new Form Teacher?

Turns out Mr Lee is still teaching P5 this year and his new form teacher is the Science HOD, Mr Hashim. And I think it is great for Ace that Mr Hashim is a very experienced and passionate teacher.

In addition, his chinese teacher is still Mdm Ong and his english teacher is no stranger too as it is his P4 form teacher.

So I guess he will not need to much time to get used to his new teachers and should transit into P6 momentum. Only problem is, he is still totally in chillax mode... hahaha... Hopefully he will get into momentum and pick up speed soon.

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