Saturday, January 21, 2017

Yi Ling 衣领

So the other day I was going through Ace's Chinese textbook with him.

Then we came across the phrase, "衣领"... And usually, if I come across a phrase that is new, I will ask Ace if he knows what it means. And he replied, "Collar lah... this one I long ago know already..."

"You sure it is not because your teacher told you so?"

"No lah, I know this already... " he said proudly.

Just to verify the truth of that.. I asked him some questions...
Me: What is 袖子?
Ace: Erm... I dunno
Me: It is sleeves!
(going to faint liao)
Me: What is 纽扣?
Ace: Erm.... something new?
(fainting... fainting...)
What is 拉链?
Ace: Erm... necklace?
Me: Please lah.. 拉链 is zip! 项链then is necklace!

I told him if all the simpler phrases he also dunno.. he CANNOT KNOW what is 衣领lor ;) hahahah

A few days later, I tested him in another way and asked him to tell m the chinese phrase for collar, sleeves, button and zip... and am quite happy that he retained most of the info:) hahaha

So I have decided we will take out the encyclopedia that godma Karen bought and go through so he can up his mandarin vocab....

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