Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy New Year Party

It was a crazy party... with a crazy bunch of people:)

Told Ace we will be going to AUnty Grace's house for party and he was happy cos Cay and also his friends J1 and J2 will be there. He packed all his guns and stuff to go and play together with his friends there.

By the time we arrived, the party has already started.

 Another one with a photo bomber:)

 Somehow along the way, we started playing the "POV workshop" game.. hahaha... So we got our "trainers" to sit down and ask some POV like questions ;)

 And everyone cannot comment... only the "trainer" and the person being asked question can talk... all the noisy people were asked to SUCK THUMB so they will keep quiet:) hahahaah

 Little S wondering why her dad is sucking thumb:) hahah

 Very funny.. and so much fun... IF you are not in the hotseat:) hahahah

The kids also had fun.. they were playing in the room and dunno how.. when they found out Kerr gor gor is a poilceman.. the game became police and thief! And no prizes for guessing who was police and who was thief... I actually did not know but the very kind J1 saw how helpless Max was and came to ask me to save him. I just watched and walked away laughing.. just playing niah.. no need to save lah..

The kids also had lots of fun playing with Stef's Snow App... hahaha...

 I think they all look so cartoon!

 Even the adults joined in the fun:)

 Then Nick and steff said they had to make a move first... so leh... we thought we should do all our group photos quickly:)

Great start to a great year!

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