Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Red Star@ Tiong Bahru

When I was young, I remembered asking my parents where they got married and asking the all about their wedding.... I remembered that they told me they held their wedding at Red Star Restaurant... and imagine my surprise when I found out years later that this restaurant is still there at the same place today... and is apparently a famous dim sum place...

So I have been thinking of going there one day...

Turns out my SZLK friends Jez and ZJ decided it is time we go for a session of eat eat eat and someone suggested dim sum here and so I was more than happy to go!

So old school wor!

I can almost see my mum and dad going around on their wedding day.. her in her orange gown that I once wore for a school performance during primary school...

And though it was quite ex... the food was pretty awesome!

After those few food photos... I was too bz eating:) hahahaha

When it was time to go.. I was so full I could barely move!

It is good.. hope to be able to come back again some day:)

Then we decided to go walk walk around the Tiong Bahru area.... since my friends were ardent fans of the 118 drama.. we joked tat we could go searching for the 118 coffeeshop;) hahahaha

People who plant plants here so creative... decorate their plants so nicely:)

Kind of 118:) LOL

Cool way to protect your bike:) lol

It is so peaceful and nice here.. I can understand why alot of ang mohs like to rent the flats here..

FOund the wall paintings!

Feel like a tourist these few days lor:)

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