Wednesday, January 25, 2017


One of my teachers said that the best form of defence against attack is actually to be defencelessness. Defence calls for attack.. Being defenceless will mean attack dun even exist! :)

And how true tat is!

We were chatting in the car and Ace was telling us about how his form teacher from last year, Mr Lee will be getting married... And then the topic came to his current form teacher Mr Hashim.

I asked Ace if they CSIed Mr H the same way they CSI Mr L last year... cos he was telling me how they went to FB.. IGN and various social media platforms to find Mr L's personal account so they could know how his fiance looks like! Hahahaha... Took them some months but someone managed to do it and whole bunch of them were so happy when they found a photo of Mrs L...

"No lah.." Ace replied..

"Mr H already tell us too much info about himself already... no need to CSI also know everything about him already.... CSI hor.. is they have secret then you need to CSI to find out mah.." he explained to me..

My teachers are wise indeed:) hahahaah

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