Sunday, January 22, 2017

Edusave Good Progress Award 2017

Last year, Ace was presented with the Edusave Good Progress Award for making good progress when he was in P4. We thought this year, he wouldnt really be able to make it for any award since his results are not good enough for the awards and also he has only made slight improvement in P5 compared to P4...

Turned out though... he made it!

I forgot to factor in that most people will see a drop in their results when they go to P5. Our good fren very steady.. stayed at around the same level or improved little bit for all subjects except chinese.

Last year the ceremony was held in a primary school and there were many people in each ceremony.

This year though.. is just held at the corner of the void deck at the RC.

 Small ceremony... but still proud parents:)

 Reserved seats in front for the award recipients..

 Victor Lye, the Grassroots advisor came...  and explained that they chose to have many many small ceremonies so that it is a little more cosy.. No budget say no budget lah:) LOL:) But really appreciate the volunteers for taking time to do this cos they have to do quite a few sessions everyday and burn a few weekends if they want to finish handing out awards to all the recipients living in this area.

 He made all the kids stand up and turn around and go to their parents to give them a hug to thank their parents... But the kids all sibeh sian :) LOL... but of cos when they hugged their parents..both parent and child will usually break out into a smile lah:)


 Ace walking over to give us a hug...

 Eyes red red leh... so 感动meh? ;)

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