Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wan Joo Ge Ge

 Saw my friends going to this website to do this how you will look like if you were ancient chinese princess thingy and thought it was quite fun.. so I went to do it too... this is how I will look like if I were Wan Joo Gege..

Hahahahaa... BTW, that was my nick when I followed the mediacorp crew to filming.... the actors and actresses and the production team always laugh at me and say I am Wan Joo Gege... or Wan Joo Biao Mei because then, I did not really know anyone well so I kept hanging out with GXX.. a Malaysian actor who was also filming.... and cos he did not know others very well as well and so he kept to himself.

I also spent alot of time talking to him because to me, he is a very fascinating person. He is a person who completely lives in his own world. For eg, if you ask him to help, if he were not on the way, he will not detour to specially help you. But if he were on the way, he will just do you tat favour... as a by the way...

I just find tat so fascinating.. cos i dunno to think of him as being very selfish or what... Conclusion he is someone who lives in his own world. Hahaha.. till now, he is still the ONLY person I know who is like tat:)

Anyway, because of that they all say he is XX Biao Ge and so I am Wan Joo Biaomei:) hahaha

Since we are doing that.. guess whose picture I used to make tis photo leh? Maybe if he had a sister.. that is how she will look like lah :)

And whose photo I used to make this one leh..... 

So fun and so funny :) hahaha..
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