Tuesday, January 24, 2017


At home alot this month... and also, during holidays, we had alot of outside food.. so I took the chance to cook cook cook:)

Sweet potato leave in Fu Zu.... Is super nice... Had that when we went to Malaysia during the holidays and decided to recreate the dish.... But instead of fry.. I actually BOILED it in hot water with a little oil and salt:)

THen I mixed the Fu Zu in.. super nice! Both Ace and Max liked very much.

Bought a packet of Thai sweet cai por.. super nice when fried with onion and eggs! Sedap!

Saw this chickpea spinach sweet potato curry thingy that looked interesting.. so I tot I will try cooking lor.. But end result not so good cos I din add all the required spice since I did not have them..

Prata pizza using airfryer...

Came up with the idea and only did it as a last resort cos my house only let some cheese, tomato, mushroom and prata:) hahahah

Not bad... quite successful!

And then, I also tried this out.. FRIED LAKSA!

Next going to FRY LAKSA RICE! :)

Then we bought lots of avocados.. so it became avacado meals everyday...

Guacamole with pita bread...

Avocado with noodles... tastes very good!

Even with mee suah... but I think with pasta is nicer..

Another dish we ate when we were in Malaysia..

Max bought this packet of veg sausages and I fried them with some veggies.. I must say these sausages are really good.. anyhow cook also taste nice:)

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