Saturday, November 12, 2016

Ace's Pokemon Collection

Ace has been bringing home little plastic pikachus from dunno where... When I asked him, he says he got them from some machine at the mamashop near school.

I told him to STOP wasting money on these things. Cannot do anything and he also no place to showcase mah..

But, he continues to bring more home!

When I asked him, he says he did not pay for them.

He just stood at the machine. If someone got something they already have or something they dun like, he will ask if they can give him and they will give him! Faintz!

I was lying on bed and reading my FB while enjoying the fan and my son came... and put this bird like pokemon in my hair.. he says my hair like bird nest so put the bird inside his NEST... *rolls eyes*

Boh liao to the max my son...

On an unrelated note... Ace said his english teacher Ms Ang, came back to visit them and brought along a custom made gift for each one of them... so sweet right?

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