Thursday, November 10, 2016

Cayden's Performance

Cay's drama class had another performance and he requested that me and Ace go again to watch him perform.... Since exams were over and we were free, we agreed lor:)

Cayden is so sweet lor... after his performance, his teacher gave out lollipops to reward them... and he quickly went over to get one more from his teacher cos "I want to give to my gor gor..."

Then it was time to go home..

Oooh.. Whose picture did we find in the school?!:P  Hahahahaa..

Then the kids say they want to go playground and play....

And then, me and Ah Yee sat there and watch them play.. and Ah Yee said to me, "I am so amazed... your son.. so tall and gangly.. and 11 years old.. playing happily away with all the 4 and 5 year olds..." hahahahaha...

Well, that happens to be Ace's "gift"... :D

Cay is very frightened of climbing up ladders or moving to a higher space.. so Ace always brought him here and supported him up.. after a few times, Cay is now more confident of going up this way:)

After a while, dunno why.. suddenly become like they are playing catching.. all the little ones catching the Dua Gwee Tao Ace:) hahaha

Ace pretending to be prisoner that is "caught" by them:)

Then it was time for Ace to catch all of them... hahaha..

After that, time to go home lor... and since we were here, we had dinner at Popo house and the boys started playing together again...

My son came up with another MORBID game... HOSPITAL.. use straw and toys to make oxygen mask.. hahahahaha...

And then leh, since Ah Yee they all going to Pasar Malam nearby, we went with them and they sent us home afterwards..

Because I forgot to bring my wallet, I could not buy anything for Ace there lor.. so he was very sad... Ah Yee saw that he was very sad, she bought him some churros...

He says it is sooooooooo yummy when he ate it at home.. and asked if I could bring him there to buy for him again.... Maybe I should find a way to bake it at home...

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