Wednesday, November 09, 2016

PoGo Nature Trails- Pt 1

Since I started exploring different parks because of Pokemon Go.. I have been on the lookout for interesting things in Nature...

Here are some of the more interesting things I came across during the Halloween Event period...

Have you seen Albino grass before? I saw this patch of grass that is all green except...sprinkled randomly here and there, there will he WHITE coloured grass.. they were not dry or withering.. just white.. I also dunno why...

Found that mini orchid lookalike again:) hehehe..

Maybe because it is rainy season so there are many mushrooms springing up...

Was walking and wondering... how come there are so many MENTOS stuck on the tree ah?

Walked closer then realized is all mushrooms!

Because of double candy... I walked alot more and played Pogo very hard:) And everywhere we go, we see all the Halloween Pokemons... even on the bus!

Happiest thing about this event was tat I hatched this rare pokemon tat only appears in MBS and Changi Village.. places I dun have much access to... and cos of the event, I had alot more candy than usual tat i could use to power up the Lapras to make it more powerful:)


I realize I have a penchant for small flowers:)

THe moist soil gave all the mushrooms a chance to flourish...

So pretty lor:)

This one is the flower of a tree i see often but usually when I see.. the flowers all already petals on the floor liao.. first time I see the full flower tat is still in bloom:)

 Since I am doing so much walking.. bought a new hat to protect my face:) Has removable top...

 Now can go walking in style like Feng Feifei!:) hahahaha

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