Saturday, November 05, 2016

Walk For Rice

 When I was going to visit my mum, I saw this poster at the notice board. I realized it will happen during the time where Ace will be having his tennis lessons and so I thought I should go with Max and we can pick Ace afterwards.

Turns out tat my sis is interested to go for the event with her family too and so we arranged to meet there.

 Takea  wefie before we started lah...

Max ran the whole way.. I walked the whole way... I even opened my Pokemon Go so I could hatch egg... hahahahaha... Every round we took around the stadium meant 4 bowls of rice is donated. Max ran around 10km... and I walked 6km... so I donated 60 bowls of rice:) yeah!

Wefie to celebrate our successful walk:)

Here are some photos from the pros... They only took pic of Max though.. not of me.. cos I was just walking... hahaha

 I took this photo cos I wanted to talk about my nephew... who walked 3 rounds with his dad... we asked if he wanted to walk one more round... and he was sweating and very tired... and he shook his head.. and I told him that every round he walks, the poor people who have no rice to eat will get 4 bowls of rice... and so he nodded his head and carried on for one more round!

What a good little boy! No easy feat for a 4 year old to walk that much when he usually wants to be  carried after less than 400meters..

Then we picked Ace up and everyone went home to wash up and we agreed to meet at Changi City Point for dinner...

 Cay playing with his favorite Yee Zhang while we were waiting for our table..

It made me think of Ace when he was this age... he also used to like to ask Max to do the same things again and again and again:)

 Food not here and the boys were hungry and grumpy.. so I quickly folded two paper frogs for them to have a frog jumping competition..

 THen after they finished eating, Ace started playing with his phone again while Cay watched on..

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