Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ace's Results in 2015

And so, it is the end of the year and everyone has been asking me how did Ace fare for his exams.. My answer is always.. "Not to bad for someone walking around the house everyday..." :) hahahahhahaa

But to be fair, Ace did work hard too:)

Ace did pretty well in the CA1 and was enjoying school... but he seemed to lose focus when he took his SA1 and did not do so well. After that, lots of things happened.. including an incident where he wanted to do something really silly...

And I am happy to announce that he has since overcome that with the love and help of his teachers, his loving god parents and of cos his wonderful family members including me and his dad :)

Looking at his results.. though not super fantastic... I will still give myself a pat on the back for a job well done:)

As I looked back at our Vision Boards that we did during the Vision Workshop, I havent figured out most of the things we pasted and what they mean but I do know that we have been working had on all our homework for the year:) And I think we did not do too badly too ;) So this year I think we will be going back to the vision work shop... and hopefully a more mature Ace will do better at this workshop :)

I think I know my son very very well so usually there are few surprises in his report book ;) If you compare to his results in Primary 3, he actually made a huge improvement in almost all subjects and improved by average of 10 marks for english, for chinese and even Math.. so we are a little surprised that we did not receive any invitation to attend the prize giving ceremony cos I thought that should warrant at least a good progress reward:) hahahaha...

Another surprise is that his creativity and art vibes are not really appreciated here in Singapore. He always scores very high for tat in Dubai and even in kindergarten but never in primary school in Singapore.. always average B here... very interesting how perception of what constitutes good art is different due to difference in culture:)

I think he has also become more mature and demonstrates most personal qualities strongly... BUT still not very responsible! Wahahahaha!

Another pleasant surprise was that he scored GOLD for his NAFA test! He who has no ball sense and no stamina scored GOLD and he told us only three pax in his class scored gold!;)

My best pleasant surprise is that his Chinese Teacher, Mr S, gave very good progress report and he actually specially messaged me to tell me he is so heartened to see Ace's improvement...

Chinese Teacher:  Hi ace mummy! i think Ace has shown quite an improvement in his Chinese.... quite heartened to see that!

Me : Yes he has..  All thanks to all the love and support he was given by all his teachers :)

Chinese Teacher: haha. it all boils down to his hardwork as well

Me: Actually he set a goal to score 80 for this exam... He din wk very hard though... Ha haha...  He spent most of his time walking around at home and on playing with toys when I asked him to study... Hahaha...

Chinese Teacher: yeah. that's what he told me as well...  but to have such improvement over a course of 3-4months, its rather impressive already

Me: I guess the tuition helped too as he gets to do the lesson once with you.. Once with me and once with tuition centre...

Chinese Teacher: hmmm. ultimately it lies with him...  tuition are extrinsic factors...  haha... it helps in a certain way but yeah, got to give him credit..

Me: We did a review and he realized it is not productive to daydream in class...  So he says he wks hard and concentrates hard now

Chinese Teacher: yes... he doesnt procrastinate in class anymore...

Me: But I am glad he improved cos it gives him a 强心针to be more confident and continue to improve...

Chinese Teacher: Ya he has good attitude now

Me: And thank you so much for all that u have done to support him and help him in the last 1.5yrs... For Ace's character,  the teacher really makes a huge difference and u have given him the best environment to stay interested in learning and aspire to do better...

Chinese Teacher: thank you for your affirmation.!

I really think Ace's improvement is also a realization that his teachers, no matter how fierce or "bad" they are all really love him and care for him :)

Anyway, lets hope he will continue to do well next year:) He has been posted to 5.2, which he says means his results are in the second tier of the students who are so called second best... so that really gives him the confidence that he is on the right track as well.

I asked him also what turned everything around cos i noticed he started working a little harder this year and I thought he will say something like I inspire him... or he realized something... But he just grinned and say...

"Cos you promised to buy me the Nerf Modulus if I did well.."


My teacher once said 人都是追求快乐或逃离痛苦的动物and indeed, Ace is one who CHASES AFTER HAPPINESS! Hhaahahahaha...

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