Monday, November 09, 2015

Pizza Workshop

Went to help out as Parent Volunteer in the Pizza Workshop and learnt to make yummy pizzas too!:)

A picture before we got started:)

Was happy to learn that we can use flat bread to make pizza! I think I may try with the frozen prata we have at home...

The one that I was most excited about is the chilli crab pizza... Just need to use  SINGLONG Chilli Crab sauce... and fake crab meat...  cheese and put an egg on the top.. I was thinking can use the same idea and make a veg version....

Or can make fruit pizza...

Happy boys with their pizzas:)  Can make and eat on the spot! Most of the kids actually skipped recess to eat during this workshop.. hahahaha:) And we were so happy that the kids were so excited. One boy even told us he wants to become a chef when he grows up:)

Aunty Angel helping to give out the items they need..

Our chef and her little helper:)

All in all, had a great time... I think I will apply wat I learnt during holidays and let Ace make his own lunch:)

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