Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Loving Laundry Workshop

 And so I volunteered for yet another event in the Parent Support Group.

This time round it was an interesting workshop titled.. Loving Laundry Workshop. The purpose of this workshop was to teach the kids how to fold various types of clothes and how to iron their uniform!:) I think it is an important life skill they should have and I remembered how proud Ace was when he learnt to iron his own uniform:)

 So we had a presentation at the start that taught them how to fold clothes and then a practical session to iron the clothes as well.

 I was a little surprised that when I asked my group, only half of the children ever ironed their clothes before.

And the interesting thing is that the boys are actually more keen to try out ironing and seem to put more heart into doing it well as well:) hahahahaha...

Perhaps girls usually have chance to do it at home :)

 Cher, how do I look with this shirt I ironed?

 The boys on the right posed for this photo for me:) hahahaha...

One of the boys chatted with me and when he found out I was Ace's mum, he said he knew him too from science club and asked me if Ace has very good results cos he has the impression that Ace is very clever. Hahahaha.. I din know my son gave people that impression;)

 Then we had a competition for whoever can fold most clothes in a minutes:)

All the happy mummies when the successful workshop ended:)

After that, we even all went to the market for a drink and I got to know the other mummies a little better.

PS: I waited for Ace to walk home together after the workshop and now know why Ace always takes such a long time to come home when he takes the bus... that is cos he will walk with his friends the long long way and chat and zoh boh along the way... and then hang out at the mamashop near the bus stop for a while and maybe buy and ice cream to eat before going on the bus... Sigh.. Maybe I should insist tat he continues to walk home.. hahahaha:)

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