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Home Team Festival

And so, Ace came home from school with a flyer for a certain Home Team Festival... I did not really know what it was..  I assumed it is some sort of exhibition  like the one we attended for SAFRA 50.. only this is for the mata. And since policemen are involved... there will be certain to be lots of guns and stuff like that...

So I thought he will likely enjoy it very much just like how he enjoyed the SAF 50  and army exhibition thingy we attended the last time.

Since he did not have tuition, I thought will be good to go before the weekend starts cos it will surely be crowded during the weekends and I am glad we made that decision.

Too bad though that I thought we will only need like two hours there and only reached near 5pm. Should have gotten there earlier cos there was so much to do lor!:)

First place we went to is the Coast Guard area where we interviewed the policemen there...

Ace got to try to put on this 7kg bullet proof vest. THis is used by the ELITE Coast Guards everytime they go onto the ship lor.. and this is just the vest.. havent put in all their barang barang yet.

I told the gor gor that Ace's ambition is to become an inspector in CID or forensics officer and the gor gor told Ace that if he wants to become an officer, he should work hard and make sure he goes to university.. so that when he joins the force, he will be sent for two years to be an investigating officer (IO). He added that he is not a uni graduate so it takes a longer time for him to get promoted and encouraged Ace to go for a university education again.

And then another gor gor came and told Ace that he will not only have to study hard, he has to listen to his parents and know that his parents love him and will always tell him the truth.. and he should trust them no matter wat:) wahahahaha... I swear I did not pay the policeman and bribe him to say tat lor!

I told Ace afterwards that his good friend, Kerr Gor Gor who is also a policeman is a Masters Degree Holder in accountancy lor... that is why he has high rank now... and Ace was super impressed:)

As it turned out.. the next area we visited was about Forensics!

Ace staring hard at all the equipment they used..

Then we took part in a game where you are given 5 min in a room and you have to take note of what you see and then spend time at the various stations in the next room to piece together what may have happened...

This is the room...

So we pieced together that there was a fire.. and they were making drugs.. There were also some passports...

In the next room, they explained alot of things about how to test for drugs (they use a machine tat can instantly tell you wat content is inside any powder you find), how to test for blood, how to prevent fire, etc etc etc... They also taught us how to see if a passport is fake and wat are the things most countries do to ensure that their passports will be difficult to duplicate.

I learnt tat if a piece of evidence is organic and they needed its DNA, they will put it in a paper bag instead of a plastic bag. So interesting..

Ace was quite good at the find which shoe print the shoe belong to game.. ALL the prints looked the same to me but Ace got it right!

Then both me and Ace got to try dusting our fingerprint. I din know they used some sort of magnetic powder and that the brush naturally picks up the powder and only leaves those tat stick onto the print...

They gave us a print and made us guess which finger print it belonged to and I got it wrong and Ace got it right again. I think it is in his blood to become a policeman!

Ace was so happy to get another kendama when we left the room!:)

Then Ace was so excited when we arrived at the SCDF section cos he got to put out a fire. He said it was scary cos the fire was HOT!:)

From afar, when he saw the firing range, he was elated!!!!

wu sey like tat hor!:)
I also got a chance to shoot... and the policeman said I am a sharp shooter... dun pray pray... lao niang was from air rifle club last time:) hahahahaha....

Ace listening to a gor or explaining to us about how the pressure cooker bomb works. So evil lor.. if they just put the explosives in a pressure cooker and set it off, it will explode and maybe people within 1 metre radius will be hurt.

But to make sure more will be dead or injured, they will put in LOTS OF NAILS inside so that when it explodes, all these nails will fly all over the place and kill or maim others!

Another version of the same bomb made using a pipe, explosives and many many many nails... :(

I dun have pictures of this next but we went into a booth where we are led to a room and have a few minutes to search for drugs like the CNB officers. We both found a packet of drugs each and my son was amazing! He actually took the effort to ask about the various types of drugs when we were queuing to go in and so when asked, he actually can name EVERY SINGLE KIND OF DRUG! The policeman gor gor was so impressed that he asked Ace to go sign up to be CNB officer immediately! Hahahaha..

Then we came to this SCDF corner again and there was this tunnel you have to crawl.. That is Ace all geared up:)

Ace was lucky cos when the pple behind him started to crawl, there was smoke lor.. when he crawled through, there was nothing at all! hahahaha..

Then we saw this place where you can try our hand out at becoming a CRIMEWATCH presenter and since Ace is such a FAN of CRIMEWATCH, of course he gave it a try!:)

The machine you read your script from..

Ace in action!

Ace viewing his video clip afterwards:)

I asked the gor gor to please play the video so that I can record it:

How did he fare? :)

We saw the black Maria and Ace said he wanted to go in and take a look..

Not before he posed for a few pictures:)

The black Maria looks very big on the outside. But the bus is divided into three portions.. centre is the "lane" you walk through and the left and right are very small areas that can sit 6 pax or so. Feels like in jail like tat.. cos very very small confined place..

Moral of the story, dun commit crime or get involved in a riot.. definitely unpleasant experience to sit inside here!

We tried to look out for Kerr gor gor in the "Ang Chia" section.. but din see him so we had fun posing with the various things they used :)

Ace's favorite section is this section where he can hold andpose with many different guns:)

Uncle giving Ace some pointers...

At this moment, Max arrived and joined us... I din have to tell him where we were.. he found us cos he guessed we will be where all the guns are! hhahahaahhahaa... Max showed Ace how to cork this gun..

Ace checking out all the tools that the riot police will use lor... all so heavy and powerful!

You know why gor gor has to help Ace? This shield is a few KG heavy lor! And has lights to blind people...

Ace said he wanted to try the earthquake game so we waited for him and camwhore a little:)

Ace had a chance to experience how an earthquake will feel like. Max says why I dun go but I told him I dun need to go lor.. I already experienced earthquake before when I was in dubai!:)

Then someone told us they are giving away free SCDF toy cars and pointed us to take photo and post it on FB to redeem the free toy car:)

At this point, we back tracked to find more events we have not done... and Ace decided he will try to pull a "injured person" out of the ruins..

When other children tried, the gor gor helped lor.. dunno is it cos Ace is tall and looks strong issit.. gor gor never help and let Ace do all the hard work:) hahahhaha...

Finally! Ace managed to pull the survivor out!

Gor gor asked how old Ace is and when told he is 10, he told Ace he is very good and should sign up when he turns 18.. hahhaha ;)

Ace then explored this wire-like probe thing that you can put into small crevices to see what is happening right inside on a screen..

At this point we saw Aunty KP, Uncle Joe and LL! Ace was so happy and the two brothers promptly explored the rest of the exhibition together!

They decided to go climb a fire engine!

THen hor, they ran off hand in hand to dunno where..

While searching for them, came across these old school policecar and fire engine.. so cool!

Finally found them pretending to be neighbourhood police post policemen:)

Jie jie explaining how they check if anyone is carrying any bombs when people board the planes and what are the machines they used...

Also tried this mix and max game where you had to group items into prohibited, controlled or banned. Looks simple but is really hard! hahahaha

Jie jie also showed LL and Ace how they search for contraband stuff inside cars... eg in the boot...

Under the seats, by the side of the doors. One car, according to the jie jie can house 200 packets of contraband cigarettes! amazing lor!

Since we so got round shit and meet there... when it was time to go home, we decide to dinner together lah:)

Really enjoyable outing!

Told Ah Yee to bring Cay as he also aspires to be policeman. Alas when they went the next day on Saturday, it was too crowded to enjoy much liao...

I wonder if the exhibition really inspired Ace to become a policeman when he grows up:)

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