Wednesday, November 18, 2015

When I Play I Get More Energy

Together with our Lions Club of Singapore Arcadia, my good friend, Veron and her working partners organized a 3 hour charity talk by one of my favorite teachers, Uncle Chuck!:) hahaha...

The title of the talk was What  Happy People Know.. and since this is such a rare chance for Ace to learn more POV principals, I brought him along.

Aunty KP also brought LL along but I told Ace.. no playing with LL and he has to listen to what Uncle Chuck says..

I know though that 3 hours is a long time for a child and din have high hopes that he will really pay attention throughout.

So because I had to pass tickets to people and help out here and there, I was seated very far away from Ace and Max was seated in first row since he was rep from the Lions Club. So Ace sat with LL... from far, I noticed he kept looking down and I guessed he must be looking at his phone!

After the talk, I asked him wat he has learnt from this talk.. to my surprise.. Ace said, "I learnt how to be happy and to appreciate what I have!" Hahahaha..

The real surprise happened the next day when we were going to school.

The talk ended real late and so he went to bed 3 hours later than his usual bed time. I told him that after school, he will be going to Cayden's BD party and Ah Yee will bring him out whole day.. so he will be tired.. so I reminded him not to get over excited and finish using all his energy one shot.. to which he said to me, "But Mummy, won't one lah.. Uncle Chuck said.. When you play, you get more energy...Remember?"

Hahahahaha.. and so I concluded that he was indeed listening to Uncle Chuck:) hahahahaha..

Can't wait for Ace to be old enough to attend Uncle Chuck's POV workshops.. but dunno whether he will cry and say I broke his heart or not:) hahahahahaha...

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