Saturday, November 07, 2015

Birthday Party At Adventure Cove

Ace came home with a handwritten birthday party invitation the other day and asked if he could go.

So I said OK lah.. since exams were over.

I asked his dad to bring him to buy a birthday present and Ace said his friend said to either buy Lego or Nerf Gun. Hahaha..

Anyway, I think the kids were OVER excited about the party lor.

Early morning, birthday boy, Y, called Ace and asked what time he is going over and even asked if Ace can go over now. As I had ZUMBA, I told Ace I can only send him over after tat. Ace looked like so afraid they were going to leave without him and so I asked for the phone and spoke to Y. Turns out that it was ok as long as Ace arrived before 12 noon.

And then hor, when Ace was there, he kept calling to ask to extend the pick up time.. from 7pm to  8pm to 9pm...

I asked if Ace enjoyed himself and he said he enjoyed himself immensely. And lucky we bought a decent present for the party too cos Ace told me that everyone had early lunch and arrived at 12 noon... and they only went to eat dinner at 6pm.

After finishing his vegeterian burger meal at mac donalds, Ace confessed that he was still hungry and the other boys said they were hungry still as well (cos I think they expended too much energy playing and had very early lunch) and so the birthday boy's parents brought the pack of hungry boys to a thai restaurant for a second dinner! Hahahahahaha....

And then only upon reaching home that I realized not only the birthday boy had presents... the other boys were given pocket money to spend that they all generously spent on buying things for everyone else. One boy brought $50 and bought everyone two packet of sweets from Candy Empire.

Another one was given $20 spending money and spent part of it making everyone a commemorative coin.. you know those oval shaped ones tat you can make using a machine after selecting the design you wanted.

I am glad he enjoyed himself and really happy that he has such generous friends.

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