Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cayden's Birthday

Lucky Ace!

November is Cayden's birthday and as a result, he got to tag along and have lots of fun like he is celebrating his own birthday like tat lor:)

First we had a mni celebration in Popo house and Cayden say wanna cut cake holding gor gor's hands.... Hahahahaha... Buay tahan this two... just now quarrel and black face and suddenly want to hole hands cut cake..

I asked Cay how old he is.. hahahha:)

Hold hand cut cake:)

Popo made ai xin jelly but Cayden did not quite appreciate sticky foods:)

Finally his wish came true! We bought him a Nerf gun so he can play with Ace. After alot of research.. we decided to get this cos most pple say this is easiest to cork...

Ace was te one who decorated this box and wrapped the present up :)

But Cay still prefers to have Yeezhang as his back up:) hahahaha... He is very cute.. he will scream and run around but does not dare to move forward to attack unless Max i behind him:)

Then on the actual day of his birthday, which also happened to be the last day of school for Ace, I asked Ace to take a bus to Popo's house after school so he can attend Cay's school party...

After that leh, Ah Yee brought Ace and Cay to an indoor playground to have some fun and then even brought him to eat dinner before bringing him home..

But leh... when Ace came home.. he complained his hand pani. cos hor, before he even went to the playground, he ran around like an Ah Xiao and fell down and hurt his hand. Ah Yee was quite worried and messaged me that Ace said his hand is painful. I told her if he can still play and still smile.. then it should be no problem.. he is toufu skin one.. little bit also say very pain... so need to observe his other behavior... he is really in pain if he cannot smile or play :) hahaha

The next day, as I was at work shop and Max had to go to work, we left Ace in Popo's house again.. so Ace got to tag along when Ah Yee and Nett Nett brought Cay to Kids STop.

I never thought of bringing Ace there before as the website says it is for kids till 8 years old. But hor, Ah Yee said Ace enjoyed himself tremendously even though he looked out of place given his height... Our conclusion is that Ace has a gift of childhood innocence.. that is why he can play with all ages and can be happy playing with anyone anywhere!:) hahahaha

This is where the two cousins spent the most time... it is just so much fun to be a archeologist I guess cos I wanted to be an archeologist when I was growing up:)

Ah Yee said there was this segment where you got to pretend you either buying things or being a cashier in a supermarket.. Cay said he wanted to be a cashier and so he queued up.... when it was his turn, Ace enthusiastically pretended to buy ALOT of things as customer for him to scan!:)

We are wondering Ace will continue to play with Cay till wat age leh?:P

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