Thursday, November 05, 2015

Blokus With Yeye

Yeye has been idling around with nothing much to do these days.. and so, I thought it will be good if he can find something to do together with Ace and also give his brain a little bit of a workout when we visit.

I suggested to Ace that he brings his BLOKUS game to Nainai's house and play with Yeye and so the other day after we all had dinner, Ace took out his Blokus to play with Yeye.

Since Shushu was at home and loves challenging and thinking games like these, shushu, yeye, Ace and Max played together.

 As it is a strategy game, Yeye really got to exercise his thinking cap :) hahaha..

But leh, Yeye has very poor memory now and keeps forgetting the rules of the game and so they had to keep repeating the rules of the game to him and remind him that he can only add pieces at places where the corners meet the corner of his other pieces of the same color...

 Shushu won in the end lah:)

 The following, even Nainai figured out how to play the game and joined in :) hahaha

So leh, the Blokus is now permanently in Nainai's house since we have been playing during our weekly visits:) I think it is a great game...

But leh, Ace did not win this round with Nainai playing as daddy kept helping Yeye and Ace was upset that Yeye did even better tha him with his dad's help.. hahahaha:) I reminded Ace not to be a sore loser lah.. just a game mah.. and so wat if his grandfather wins right?:P
Anyway, Yeye and Nainai have been buying lots of new plants from the nearby pasar malam.. so now their corridor is like a mini garden..sometimes Yeye hangs out his bird outside to do "suntan" and the birds will sing.. so we say this place is 鸟语花香.. hahahah:)

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