Sunday, November 15, 2015

RIP Xiao Yuan

Very sad... Xiao Yuan died...

I was out at my mum's place the whole day since it was Sunday and when I reached home, I realized the watr is super murky and wondered why.. when I took a closer look, I realized Xiao Yuan has died.. I was thinking that he was swimming a little funny when I looked at them swimming around on Saturday and was half expecting this...

Max sad he already noticed that he died in the afternoon when he returned from soccer but din have time to change the water... Cannot imagine that by the time we reached home, he is only left with bones and his head. His good friend Xiao Yang actually ate him!?

I never knew animals were so cruel..

But maybe cos goldfishes dun have much memory so Xiao Yang did not remember they were friends..

With a heavy heart, I changed the water and removed Xiao Yuan's body and sent blessings that will send him his way. May he either return home or return here as a higher level life form since he made good karma bringing us joy to our lives.

Strange thing was.. despite his so called bad memory, I think Xiao Yang does miss his friend. In the past, the two fishes were perpetually happily swimming around... they seldom rested or slept.. now that Xiao Yuan has left, Xiao Yang is often lethargic and "sleeping" at the bottom of the tank... He used to always be excited about exploring things and about life!

Loneliness can make one really depressed I guess.

In his loving memory, I leave with you here, the video I made of the two of them swimming...

I certainly miss watching Xiao Yuan swimming around happily.... :(

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