Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mother Standard Toilet

Asked Ace to please wash the toilet he is in charge of and after nagging at him for a long long time, he finally moved his butt and got around to it.

After that, he was so proud of the now, all white and shiny toilet and he came to me excitedly to ask me to inspect his handiwork.

I told him it is very clean is very good.

"Is it A STAR? Does it pass your standard?"

"Yes!" I told him and gave him a high five.

And then he ran happily to his room and when he came out again, he was holding this star and wanted to paste it on the door.

On it, it says, "A* Toilet" and has a MST logo by the side.

I asked him what is MST and he said this is certified a Mother Standard Toilet now! Hahahaahaha... Funny boy!

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