Monday, October 26, 2015

Ace Makes Ice Jelly

Went to Nainai's house the other day and Nainai said she made some jelly and asked Ace if he wanted to make ICE JELLY.

When Ace heard that she has got the ice shaving machine and can help to make the ice shavings, he was totally excited and of cos said YES!;) hahahaha


Enjoying the end product together with Yeye:)

Since we are on the topic of food, here are some food I made this month...

The other day was thinking how I can finish up the sour cream sitting in my fridge that I bought to make rosti... And then I realized tat I have potato at home and so I decided to experiment with the air fryer to make roasted potato....

Not bad leh:) Potato was ready withi 15 in and tasted super yummy!

I also got a message from Max hinting that he wants to eat the vegetarian KFC again.. and he even specially went to buy the mushroom so I can make it... haha.. so I try again.. This time using a different recipe that is a little different...

The last time i did it, the recipe called for resting the mushroom after it has been dusted with KFC flour but this time round I did one where you did not need to do that.. and becos the mushrooms were seasoned with soy sauce and sesame oil beofre dusting with flour I mixed normal flour to the KFC flour so that it wun be so salty..

The only thing was that I  prepared it way in advance so by time it was dinner, already not that crispy liao... I think this one have to eat hot one.. next time I will fry my veggie first..

To even out the heatiness of fried food.. I fried some bittergourd with salted egg... Yums! Next time hor I think I am going to fry and eat all by myself for lunch! hahaha...  I realized that if you dun fry till totally cooked.. it is also very crunchy... :) I like!

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