Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Milo Milo Milo!

And so we bought LOTS of Milo so that Ace could get his free pencil case... and I mean LOTS... hahahaha

And so for the past week or so... everyday, our good fiend will put a milo into the freezer and make his own milo ice cream and cut open the box and scrap with a spoon to eat...

The other day, I told him that since he already had a sweet drink, he is not to take the milo ice cream he made.. so he put it back to the freezer.

Somehow, after spending more time in the freezer after being cut open, the milo become a little harder than before and so Ace decided he will chut new pattern... he cut open the box and just eat it straight like a Popsicle! hahahaha...

Buay tahan this boy..

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