Friday, October 30, 2015

Ah Beng Ace

While we were having dinner, I was telling Ace about how Aunty KP told me that LL was bullied by a few boys in his class.

Apparently, the  boys ganged up.. two of the boys held his hands and another two hit him on the back.

When Ace heard it, he was really upset that his good friend was being bullied.. (they play together often and are best of friends). He said that he MUST go to LL's school and that I should tell LL to tell his friends that he has a friend in P4 lor!

Hahahahaha.. He thinks he is some LAO DA or wat ah.. say his name other pple will fear him ah:) wahahahahaha... So ah beng lor!

I told him LL just needs to say his father is policeman lor! hahahaha..

Anyway, we had a discussion about this and I asked Ace... like why he is so upset since he was also the one who told us that sometimes boys like to play fighting to have fun also... He says that while they will play a fool... but there is a few unwritten rules and you are considered having cross the line if you break them.

According to Ace, they are: No using of your  拳头, no kicking, no hitting stomach and no hitting face...

And he added, "Actually our current favorite hit each other game is butt slapping!"

Wah lau... hahahahah...

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