Friday, October 23, 2015

I Set A Goal

We were having a chat today and Ace was telling me about how one of his classmates made his form teacher really angry today.

Apparently the classmate said he did not bring a piece of homework. His teacher asked him to bring his bag to the front of the class but he went back and did not bring it.. So the teacher went to him and brought the bag to class and took out everything and found that piece of work he was supposed to bring. Turns out he did bring it but too lazy to find.

And then leh, teacher took out the work and realized he did not do his corrections. When he went back to his seat, he also did not bother to do... in Ace's words, "He was just sitting there, hands behind his head and 摇脚..."

"That sounds like someone I know what..." I teased Ace.

"No hor Mummy, I already 改过自新already. Now I am not like that in class anymore, I am like this.." And he made action of someone concentrating at doing work.

"So what made you decide to change?" I asked Ace...

And Ace told me... "I changed when I set a goal to concentrate in class.... And when I started trying to do that, I realized that it is NOT possible to concentrate if I talk to my friends or if I sit there and 摇脚.." I think he realizes through his improved CA2 results that if he concentrates, he is really more effecient!

Anyway, I am so happy that my son finally has this realization! Hahahaha... At least I dun feel like my "goal setting lessons" are such a failure...

PS: He got his results for his exam. Not really on target but din do too badly for someone walking around the house and watching youtube or playing with toys all the time during exam period..
For english, he set a goal of 80 and scored 85.5. For Math he set a goal of 90 but scored 81. For Science he set a goal of 80 and scored 77. For Chinese he also set a big goal of 80 though he failed the last time and scored 64.5... Hopefully after a few more goal setting sessions it will become automatic SOP for him and I can relac one corner during exams in future:) hahaha...

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