Sunday, October 25, 2015

New Car!

So the other day, Max had to sed his car for servicing and he was given a replacement car to drive for one day.

Early morning, he sent me pics of the car and told me that the car is s good and so comfortable.. hahahaha... And then cos I urged him to take us for a spin since he says the new car is so good... He told them he will only exchange the car back the next day and came home to pick us up for dinner.

It was actually the day 1 of Ace's exam revision and Ace did not really do well as he was walking around most of the time or secretly playing games... so I just wanted to go somewhere nearby, eat and come home.

But Max says he will actually be very busy in the coming week and this is the best time he can have some time to spend with Ace and so he decided that he will bring us to Obar at Punggol as he said the band there is really good.

And so we went:)

 That is Ace enjoying himself inside the car and playing with all the acccesories inside.... He was so happy that even seating in the backseat he can actually push it down and lie down in a reclining position..

 One with the car...

The car is as old as the one we are driving now but looks so new and even smells new lor:) Ace kept asking his dad to pls pls pls ask if he can change to this car instead. hahaha

Finally reach OBar!

 Max went with some friends and said MissChief was really good and kept telling me he wante to bring me there.. so finally we are here.

But leh, it was a Monday so a different girl was singing but she is not bad too:)

 They actually allow you to make dedications and Ace dedicated See You Again to Laoma cos this song always makes him think of her and sometimes cry..

 Ace ordered sourcream mushroom pasta... looks good and tasted not too bad:)

 I ordered something interesting.. it is a mix of two of my fav.. carbonara sauce and duck:) hahaha

 When they had a break for the singing, I just watched SCV there:) hahahaha... Meanwhile, the boys went outside to play pool...

 I dunno if Ace plays well but at least looks quite wu seh lah:) hahahaha

After that, Max gave Ace some moolah to go to the arcade outside to play.. wah.. our friend happy like a bird lor... play by himself and spent the money in no time... and then said this is nice place and he wants to come again...

 After arcade, they also went to throw darts..

 Daddy giving Ace some pointers..

And that was the end of our mini adventure... and also the last time Ace got to "enjoy" before he exams....

The next day, I reminded him that he already had his fun and pushed him to work hard.. Hahahaha :)

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