Friday, October 09, 2015

Can I Have A New Pencil Case

Last Christmas, when Godma Karen asked Ace what he wanted for xmas, because I reminded him that he is not to ask for big ticket items like Lego, he says he will ask for a smiggle pencil case.

Because Godma saw  nice one on sale, she bought it for him and Ace was sooooooooooooooooo happy... cos he finally can put in all his barang barang into one pencil case instead of bringing two pencil cases to school...

Cos i dunno why he needs to bring least 8 pens... blue and black for homework.. red for dunno what.. green for corrections...

On top of that need to bring scissors, staple, staplets... highlighter...

I think what made it extra "cool" was that he was one of the first in his class to use a smiggle pencil case and he is the ONLY one with this particular design.

But leh, half a year into using the pencil case, he started complaining about his pencil case...  cos he said he has been struggling to take out his pens and put the back he always starts doing his work latest and packs up slowest...

Because this is related to effeciency, I was tempted to buy for him.. me and his Karen godma actually went shopping one day and went into the shop to see see look look... In the end, I couldnt find a good reason to buy him a pencil case.. Plus.. I thought I will buy for him at their year end sale and he can use a new pencil case next year lah...

Karen Godma wanted to buy for him and I stopped her lah.. cos I really cannot think of a good reason to reward him.. hahahaha:) And lucky we did not buy that day..

Cos a few weeks later, while Max brought Ace to the petrol kiosk to buy a science magazine, Ace came back to the car and informed us that he saw that Milo is giving away a smiggle lookalike pencil case that is in the exact same design that he wanted..

And since Max did say that he wanted to buy Milo, we bought and he got his new pencil case in the end!

 See, really look like smiggle right?:P

 But this is how much Milo we had to buy in order to get the pencil case.. apparently, the pencil case promo only avail at this particular petrol kiosk cos we did not see it when we visited the supermarkets..

Ace decided he will "CUSTOMIZE" it... by drawing on it..

PS: THis is how it looks like inside and why it is easier to take the pens out.. cos they are placed in pockets and not elastic loops..

Ok good lah. save my money... :)

Ace says he will start using next year.. but leh, 1 hour later when he was packing school bag, he started transferring his barang over to the new pencil case.. I KNEW he cannot wait lah. hahahahaha:)

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