Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Samurai Burger Forever!

 I love the Samurai Burger and always make it a point to eat it whenever it is in Singapore.

When I was living in Dubai, I always missed it as it was always here in Singapore during the months I am in Dubai... and they never brought the burger to dubai.. so I never could eat it..

Last year, when it came to Singapore, I brought Ace along to Mac Donald and becos they actually had this new version with an egg inside, I could order it without the patty for Ace and Ace loved it!

After that, I tried to learn how to make it and found out that the sauce is relatively easy to make. It is just a mixture of Mirin and Teriyaki sauce... And it is rather versatile too as I use it also to make those Yoshinoya like rice.

Ace really loves it and asks for it at least once a month. Sometimes he has it almost every week. And sometimes when I run out of burger bun, I make Samurai Sandwich using normal bread... hahaha

But leh, the Samurai Burger in Mac Donalds tastes different and according to Ace, tastes better.. so when they showed the ad for the Samurai Burger, he was excited to go and eat... Alas, they dun have the egg version now and so I joked that I can fry an egg and bring it there... and Ace said OK!

He took me seriously and then whined and whined when I said I was joking and so after tuition the other day, I fried an egg, fetched him and went to Mac D to eat the burger...

 I wanted to take a picture but by the time I remembered... only left the sauce and the veggie.. it was THAT good!  hahahahahah...

 Ace says dun waste the sauce.. must use it as dip for french fries..

 Samurai Egg Burger!

 Next three weeks, we had Samurai Burger once a week... hahahaa;)

I remembered one of our friends who turned vegetarian also loves the burger and so I sent her pics of Ace eating it... and promised her I will fry her an egg if we do get a chance to go eat the burger together:)

I wish Mac D keeps it in their menu FOREVER...:)

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