Thursday, October 01, 2015

Food Glorious Food!

Ace loves the Mac Donalds  Samurai Burger in any form... the other day, we had nothing left in the house to cook and so out of desperation, I suggested that I make Samurai Sandwhich for him.

Since I dun have burger bun.. I used sandwhich bread lor... add Cheese... fried an egg and made samurai sauce (which is just mirin + teriyaki sauce) with some onions... and that was it..

Then I remembered that we bought some frozen fries and I put some in the airfryer as sides... And since we had some veggie on hand.. made a salad on the side...

Ace says it is very good.. he loved he fries so much he kept asking me to do fries for his childrens day party in school.. which I declined lah.. go to school cold liao.. not nice liao mah..

Now that I know how to do samurai sauce, I next made jap pizza with samurai sauce and mayo... it was a hit with Ace:)

I also tried to do Japanese Alio Olio.. but hor.. i forgot to add my Jap lemon soy sauce! hahahahahahahaha

Because Max KEPT sending and resending me KFC recipes on FB and I have some KFC powder on hand and some mushrooms, I decided to try out and see if I can air fry veg KFC... not bad.... success!:) Max and Ace say very nice and Max even specially went to buy more mushrooms for me to air fry:)

It has been awhile since I did all my usual dubai dishes though...  Hmm... Time to revisit those recipes:)

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