Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Gong Gong's Birthday

Gong gong's birthday mah.... so early morning when the cousins gathered at his house, they spent some time to make cards for him.

Then dinner time, we all went out to dinner at some "famous restaurant" near our house.
Dunno why they so serious... maybe cos hungry man/woman is a very sian man/woman... hahaha:)

The restaurant very poor service lor.. ask for a bowl and cutlery for baby Cay and asked 5 times before they arrived with a small melame ware bowl and a those eat and throw plastic spoon? Crazy or wat? Wait the bb bleed in the mouth how?  And the food also not fantastic.. will not be back anytime soon..

But when there is beer, nothing can dampen our mood:) hahahaha

Then went to gong gong house to eat and cut cake...

Ace volunteered to help cut the cake.

So hard to get a nice picture of them cos Cay keeps wanting to watch ADs on the TV! hahaha

Ace knows gonggong likes beer and so he drew a cake and a beer for his card:) hahahah:)

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