Monday, October 19, 2015

I Hurt My Thumb!

I saw somewhere online that there is a method to bake apple chips using the airfryer!

I was so excited and so I decided to try.

On my first try, I noticed some parts of the baking paper I put in got burnt.. and I sliced and stacked the apple slices on each other so some were a little more crispy.. some parts were actually burnt and I wondered why...

But they were generally quite tasty...  As cooking is like doing experiments, I decided I have to have the never say die attitude and make MORE chips.

This time round, I only sliced a few slices so that I can lay them out flat in a single layer.. Alas, after just a minute, I smell the smell of caramel.... and in another minute.. a burnt smell!

OMG, the apples flew up and got stuck at the coil! Few slices were already burnt!

I went online and asked why this would happen and a kind friend told me that you need a sort of net over it to prevent it from flying. And she offered to give me one as she has two of them.

But I thought since I already sliced half of the apple.. maybe I can repeat what I did in the morning and slice the rest of it  and overlap them and at least I have some sort of chips to eat.

But... as I was slicing the apples, I accidentally sliced off a corner of my thumb... OUCH!

Immediately, it started bleeding.. Ace was at home at that time and I was a little surprised at his reaction. I thought he will get all flustered or that he will call his dad for help.

Instead, he automatically took over the role as "man of the house" since Max was not at home and he tried his best to help and take care of me.

First, as I was pressing the wound to keep from bleeding, he kneel down and chanted in front of my bleeding thumb and started chanting for my thumb... as how he would help himself when he is in trouble.. hahaha..

And then when the bleeding got better by the third tissue paper not showing that much blood, he took out his phone and started pressing buttons. I thought he was going to call his dad but no, he was on youtube... and I was thinking why he was on youtube when I am still in pain... and then he assured me by telling me that he is going to watch Dr Oz's video about how to care for injured finger...

As he watched the video, he started to give me instructions..

"Mummy, wash your wound... Did you wash the wound? If you never wash, it will get infected!"

"Mummy, try move your thumb up and down like this..." And he demonstrated to me how he wanted me to move the injured thumb. I complied.. ."Ok good,  you didn't slice a nerve..." He announced and looked visibly relieved cos I think maybe the tissue with lots of blood scared him a little...

"Ok Mummy, you need to keep your arms raised for 10 minutes so that the blood wun flow down..." And then he kept and eye on me to make sure I kept my hand raised.

When I took my phone and tried to message dad, he even offered to message for me... But hor, he type so slow.. i think I type faster injured lor!:) hahahaa

Max was quite impressed too.... When I posted on FB, his comment was, "Good job Ace! Did what I told you always. Take care of your Mother when I am not around!"
I can see my son will turn out to be great boyfriend and husband material:) hahahahaha...

Anyway, Ace found me a bandaid and helped me tape it round my thumb..

After a day, I took the bandaid off.. and there was alot of clotted blood and that piece of flesh left hanging at the wound as it did not totally sliced through. After a few days, it fell off cos it got so dry and hard... and so now you can see here how it seems like a corner of my thumb is being cut off...

PS: I also made banana pancakes the other day and they were delicious!:) Just bananas and eggs... But a little hard to handle cos they are so soft.. so very difficult to flip...

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