Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Zuo Wen Improve

作文 (Chinese composition) has always been difficult for Ace.

Firstly, he has no concept of what a good composition piece constitutes.. Doesnt understand how to do an opening and ending... (especially when he does not like to read story books but prefers non fiction/ factual books) and then he is weak in vocabulary and is often unable to use many descriptive words except the very direct, simple words... and he is poor in grammar which makes most of the sentences he writes rather awkward...

And to add to that, it is really difficult for me to teach him all of the above... and so, since this year June, I have been sending him to tuition classes with classes that specifically teaches him how to write compositions.

The other day, Ace happily told me that his teacher says he has made great improvements in his composition...

"Xie Laoshi says that my composition has really improved! He says the composition that I wrote was the best in the entire class!" he declared..

I asked him if he finally passed his composition...

"No, still fail..." he replied... But he quickly added..."But Xie Laoshi says it is because he was the one marking and he is very strict.. that is why it is a FAIL.. if another teacher were to mark it... it is likely I will pass... Anyway, he says I really improved alot because now I finally get double digit scores for composition because I used to only score single digits... I remember my worst score is only 4! "

Hahaha.. so cute lor this boy.. fail compo also so happy!:)

But I am glad to know he is at least improving. He said he managed to complete his chinese composition exam with 30 seconds to spare and he told me the exam was to write a story about how a boy met with an accident on his way home after school... he even had an opening paragraph start off with something like... "放学了,同学们像笼中放出来的小鸟跑回家..."

Not perfect but I am suitably impressed given his former compo will be likely something like... “放学了,小明回家了.."

Hope I will have good news to share when the results are released:)

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