Saturday, October 10, 2015

I Am An Honest Boy

The other day, Yeye called me in the afternoon and asked if we were visiting as it was Saturday.. which is our usual visiting day...

I told him that we were having a Lions Club event and will be unable to make it and he mentioned that he "sort of missed the little one.." And so I promised Yeye that I will bring Ace over either on Sunday or Monday.

Sunday came and I had plans to go visit but Ace suddenly remembered that he has not  finished his homework... and so we had to go home and finish his homework instead.

We went over on Monday night for dinner and Ace finished his food rather quickly and proceeded to go into NaiNai's room to lay on the bed and play with Nainai's tablet.. which is his new routine.

As Yeye was still eating, I just let Ace be lah..

And then leh, after Yeye finished eating and sat down to watch TV... I went into the room and told Ace, "Ace, we are here today because Yeye says that he misses you leh.. can you dun stay in the room and go keep yeye company.. Even if you dun talk to him and just sit with him and watch TV with him is also better than you coming into the room by yourself..."

"Ok.." Ace said and he promptly switched off the fan and went out to sit beside Yeye in the living room.

"Eh, how come you came out?" Yeye asked...

I thought my son so slick will say things like "I want to watch TV with you mah.." or "I keep you company mah.."

No wor.. instead my son replied.. "Because my mummy asked me to come out.."

*kua kua kua*

When we were on our way home after dinner, I told him I thought he will reply to Yeye and said he wanted to keep Yeye company.. and I nearly fainted when he said it is because I asked him to go out..

"But but... " he insisted..

"At least 我是诚实的孩子嘛.." he retorted...

Ok.. at least he is being honest... I will give it to him for that!:) hahahaha...

Anyway, shortly after sitting with Yeye.. he told Yeye he wants to teach him how to play app games... and instead, Nainai was the really happy one...  Cos... "If Ace teaches him how to play game.. he wun always nag at me to rest my eyes when I play games.." hahahahahhaa... Yeye and Nainai so cute right?

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