Saturday, June 07, 2008

Box of Fun

Children are an imaginative lot...

Remember how I said that if you gave Ace a box, he could be happy for a week.

THIS box made him happy for 3 days. :)

Sometimes it is a skirt. Sometimes it is a house... sometimes it is a luggage holder when he is at the airport.. sometimes it is the aeroplane itself.. and sometimes it is a cave...

Sometimes it is just a special hiding place where he will hide himself as he waited for me or Max to ask, "Oh dear, Ace disappeared.. where is Ace? Where is Ace?" And he will jump out like a jack in the box and say, "deng deng deng deng!"

It made me happy to see him this happy as well..

So if you have any extra boxes, dun throw them away.. DONATE THEM TO ME! Hahaha...

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