Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pinky Pong and Maka Paka?

I have been watching In The Night Garden with Ace for some time but I just never got to know the names of the characters because mostly I was not really paying attention to the show...

The other day, when I was very free, I went into their website to look at the names of the characters and then I realized they all had really silly names... like Pinky Pong, Upsie Daisy, Makka Pakka..

Wah lau, wat sort of names are those man.. who can remember them???

Then the next day, when I was watching with Ace, I asked him, "Who is this?"

"Makka Pakka!" and I almost fainted! He can even name those that I cannot name!

Wow.. I suddenly realize that when Ace watches TV, he is not just WATCHING it.. the input really goes in...

So now whenever I am watching TV with him.. whenever I see something which I feel is negative input like someone killing someone or hitting someone or giving up on themselves, I tell him that those people are naughty and go on to talk about how love can solve all problems, how he can go to gohonzon for help and how life is very precious and our lives are also about the people we love and people who love us too..

I think it is difficult for me not to watch TV and difficult to ask all my parents not to watch TV just because Ace is around.. so my next best option would be to give him some good principals and guidelines in life so that he will still have a great life no matter wat he sees, hears or experiences in his life :)

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Anonymous said...

That day while I was watching this show, the simi Daisy was singing and dancing ... Bf walked pass .. and comment .. what is that UGLY thing doing there on a children program ... :p hahahahahaha ..

The difference bet. a child and an adult ... Im so glad ... Im watching a children's show !

<*ANGEL*> said...

You have a child's heart... by the way, the show is for 1-4 years old! HAHAAHA!:)