Saturday, June 21, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Want to know wat sort of person you are? Want to know which areas of your life you can improve upon... Well, your child will be your BEST BEST BEST MIRROR! ;)

The other day I was talking to Ace and having a conversation about how something went wrong and I am upset about it (yes, Ace is my friend, not just my son...) and then he told me, "Bu yao jing lah..." (Nevermind lah..) And sometimes when we ask him to do something that he feels is not important, he tells me, "bu yao jing lah..."

And I kept thinking why my son is like that and how he learnt this.. until I caught myself saying this the other day! He is merely following my footsteps... Cos when he is uptight about something, I always tell him, "Bu yao jing lah..." And then explain things to him..

Even though we are aware that Ace is in the monkey see, monkey do stage, we were not aware of how thorough his mimicry is until the other day, two hilarious incidents happened..

As it is, Max really cannot tahan whiny children who cry for no reason... somehow, the sound of crying irritates him and my guess is that when our children cry, parents have this alarm in them tat goes off, "Beep beep beep beep.. bad parent! bad parent! lousy parent! lousy parent!" so somehow, that makes us feel really bad about ourselves and we get upset... especially if we cannot stop them from crying... Most if it happens within a second and happens unconsciously and I think most parents are not even aware that this is going on psychologically in their head.

The other day, Ace was crying really badly for some reason like he can't get something that he wanted.. so Max told him, "No more crying... I am angry already... " And Ace kept crying...

So max ignored him and walked away to let him cry...

So later in the afternoon... Ace was playing with his Daddy and accidentally hit his Daddy.. so Daddy pretended to be in pain and started to 'cry', "Ohhh.. pain pain..."

And then Ace told him, "No! Wo sheng qi ah!" (I am going to get angry) and then he folded his arms and pursed his lips in the typical 'angry face' that he always shows when he is playing the angry game..

And then we were both shocked and looked at each other.

And then Ace told his Daddy, "Wo sheng qi! Humph!" And he walked away into the bedroom... and then he peeped his head out to see whether his Daddy is still crying.. Daddy was still stunned in the same position and Ace told him, "No ah, wo sheng qi... bu yao cai ni le.." (No, I am angry, I am going to ignore you)

And then I laughed out loud... Hilarious I tell you! I told Max that this must be our retribution... hahaha...

Then over the weekend, we invited Stanley and Clari over to our house for sort of a house warming party... Clari came over and played with Ace... and then Ace accidentally hit her and she pretended to cry....

"Humph... wo sheng qi ah!" and he crossed his arms, pursed his lips and did an angry face... and just as he was about to walk away, he paused and looked as if he was deep in thought and then he came back, told ah yee, "You naughty boy... Ni! Mian bi si guo!" (You naughty boy.. you should face the wall and do a time out) And then he pulled and tugged at Ah Yee's arm and insisted that she had to go over to the wall to 'mian bi si guo' (loosely translated, tat is a chinese phrase tat means "facing the wall while you ponder over your mistakes"

I laughed until I was rolling on the floor...

These incidents furthur made me agree with what Arthur said about association... you really become who you associate with..

Because of this, we had another important criteria when it came to a choice of school for Ace. I told Max I wanted a school where the teachers had good attitude because I am sure Ace will emulate them.. and no matter how I thought about it, I feel that my mum's school is the best cos the teachers are all very dedicated and have great attitude... so now we are waiting for a place there ;)

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xiao ming said...

very very true!!
Jus like issac..he is a mirror of me lor..always so mang zang n short tempered.
now i always remind myself not to b like tis..