Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Superman Ace

Because Ace has started to learn how to pee in the toilet and is able to tell us when he wants to go to toilet, we thought the next step in his training would be for him to learn to wear underwear so that when he wears pants like jeans and all that, he would feel comfortable.

So we brought him to Mothercare to choose the set of underwear that he liked and he picked out this set in colours red, blue and grey... which has ships and other transport vehicles on it.

When we reached home, I asked him to pick one out to try the size and he picked the red one.. just like Superman...

And the moment he put it on.. he started laughing... and started saying, "That is my bathroom, check out my matching pipes.." together with the action...

And suddenly for no reason, he ran to the cupboard and shook his bons bons and told me, "Wo xue net net..." That is cos when Stanley and Clari got married, one of the things tat the jie meis made the groom and his xiong di do is to put on paper underwear.. and just to take a nice picture, the photog made all of them stand in a row with their buttocks facing out...

From then on, Ace would shake his bum and tell me, "Wo xue net net leh..."

Here is the video.. enjoy ;) Cute right?:P haha..

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classic !