Sunday, June 01, 2008

You Don't Need To Buy Toys For Your Kids

When I was still single, I remembered a friend telling me that it is an absolute waste of money to buy toys for children because they are only interested in it for 30 min and then they get tired of it already.... He ended up having a whole storeroom of toys and a son who never seems to feel he has enough toys...

Therefore, when I became a parent, I decided that I would really be prudent when it comes to selecting toys.. must make sure they are safe, make sure they last and is something tat can be played in different ways and must be VALUE FOR MONEY! ;)

Because of the fact that both me and Max's parents are good at keeping things, bulk of our toys can now be handed over to Ace... because of this, Ace has some toys at home, some toys in popo's house and some toys in Yeye's house....

Recently, we have started to go home to sleep... and we started by enticing Ace to go back home to play... he was so intrigued by all the toys there that he has not seen for a long time that he kept asking to go home and play with his toys...

Yet, in a short while, he gets tired of all the toys and soon, he kind of runs out of toys to play with and starts to bother me..

"Hai.. so many toys but he runs out of things to play with so fast.. "I complained to my mother.

"Hiya, no need to buy toys for him lah... just wait till he discovers all the 'fun' things he can play with at home. Just give him some boxes and all that and he will be happy for a week already..." said my mother.

True enough.. when I think back and looked at the photos I took, Ace was really spending most of his time playing with things in the house than his toys.. hahaha...

here's the PROOF!

Pillow case also can act as jumping sack...

Coat and Jacket cover can act as a JACKET!

His favourite is this Magic Clean mop that can act as a microphone, a vacum cleaner, a fire engine hose (when he dismantles it)
And of course, just a regular mop! He played with this item for one full week before he got tired of it! hahaha.... That is probably more cost effecient than a toy that might cost double the price and capture his interest for only 30 min ;)

So my conclusion: you don't need to buy toys for your kids. Just take up some useless stuff lying around the house and let them explore.. they will have much more fun with them! ;)

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