Monday, June 30, 2008

Ace Photog at work again

Brought Ace to KP's house the other day to visit baby Josiah.. unfortunately, the baby was sleeping and so me and the girls had to rack our brains about how to keep Ace busy...

KP took out her colouring pencils, her story books and still din manage to pacify Ace.. and then Ace wanted to play with my phone and just to pacify him, we let him take pictures of us with my phone.. I must say his skills have improved ;)

Anyway, he finally became satisfied and contented and happy when KP and Joe took out their PSP.. he was so fascinated he would just be happy watching them play and pressing random buttons just to see them move..

I discovered that Ace really likes babies... when Josiah woke up, he was really quite fascinated..

A few days later, I brought him to visit his baby cousin who is about a month old. The baby happened to be awake and the moment saw the baby, he just ran towards him with lots of passion, hugged him close and tried to kiss him!

Meixuan my cousin says that when Ace gets older, he will start to ask for a baby sister or a brother...

Recently, Ace is starting to tell me that my tummy has a baby... But alas he told me in the midst of my da yi ma.. so maybe it is a sign that my baby is coming soon... hehehe ;) Now, he is consistently telling me that he wants a younger sister when I ask him about it... Let's pray baby will come and it is a girl...

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