Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wo Xue Gui Gui

One of Ace's favourite games these days is to be a copy cat.

When the TV is on, he will try to copy their actions. The other day during the fund raising show for the sichuan victims, he imitated and copied their crying and kenna a scolding from me. Of course, I did explain to him why he should not imitate them and explained that in such a case, he should be sending love to them...

Sometimes he will exasperate you by doing something disgusting like digging his nose. Then he will run to you and tell you, "Wo orh pi sai... wo xue ni leh..." cos I think he caught me cleaning my stuck nose.

Or he will do the cheeky dance that Gerald, his cousin taught him and tell you, "Wo xue gor gor.."

Sometimes if he is watching some chinese period drama, he will even copy and follow the actions down to the evil laughter of the evil protagonist and how they fall down and go "ah.. ah ah.." before they die...

I dunno whether to laugh or cry.

The other day my mum was trying to make some vietnamese poh piah and when Ace saw the vege that Yeye use to feed his tortoises, he opened his mouth wide and started nibbling at the vegetables...

"Oi, eat properly lah, Ace..." I told him.

"Wo xue gui gui leh.." he told me... *grrrr* just wat do you say to that???

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