Thursday, June 19, 2008

Friend! Friend!

Bringing Ace out is getting to be a little bit of a hassle now..

That is because he has gone into the "FRIEND" mode right now.

When he goes out, he wants to run towards other children and stand among them or play with them. Irregardless of whether it is a trip to the departmental store, shopping mall or the zoo, he would want to go near other children whether they like it or not. And sometimes he will just run away from us to join them even if we were going in the opposite direction...

His typical idea of playing is running around the whole place.. LIKE THIS:

The other day we brought him along to the airport to pick up waipo and ah yee and he was basically running around the whole airport to look for friends to play with. Every new boy or girl he saw is a friend and then they will automatically run around and play hide and seek until the other person started coughing due to running too much, and then i had to stop Ace and bring him away and then he goes in search of a NEW FRIEND!

Then when he goes for his shichida, midway throughout his lessons, he went to the door and wanted to open the door.. "Where do you want to go, Ace?"

"I want to play with friend.." He doesn't even know who is standing outside.. everyone is a friend!

Here are some new friends he made :)

But the good thing that came out of this is that we are sending him to school and it is easy to convince him to go to school because he is soooooooo ready go and mingle with MORE NEW FRIENDS!

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