Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What is this?

You know, when children reach 3 years old, they go into a "why" age... everything that happens, your children will ask you, "WHY?" and drive you crazy.. hahaha..

My son has decided to be different and drive me crazy in another way...

He has started the "Shi shen me lai de? What is this? Who is this?" mantra which he repeats every day. Everything he sees, he asks me, "What is this?" And 5 seconds later, he points to the same thing and asks me the same question again.

The other day, he was having high fever and when I finally rocked him to sleep.. midway through his sleep, he was still asking, "Shi shen me lai de?" in his dreams

I dunno whether to laugh or cry... hahaha...

I think the toughest part is to answer him.. especially when you do not know what he is pointing to.. and it is toughest when he keeps pointing to the same thing and I have to try to reinvent a new answer everytime so as to input more new things into his brain.

Lately, this phase has sort of passed...

"What is this?" has been replaced by, "Where is Daddy?"

The other day, we were coming home after his right brain training and because max went to take part in a cycling competition, he couldnt pick us up. So the whole way... every 5 steps we took, he would ask me, "Where is the papa?"

And then I got fedup after he asked me 10 times and asked him, "Where is papa?" And then he will reply to me the reply that I gave him.

But still he asked, "Where is the Papa?"

After 30 times... I got fed up and told him, "Ace, can you stop asking the same questions again and again.. I already told you a 100 times where Papa is..."

I told Ah Yee the story and she said, "Scully Ace reply, "Where got 100 times? You think I dunno how to count ah.. one, two, three..."

The other day, when I was making milk for him while Max was bathing, he started the "Where is papa?" game again and asked me consecutively 10 times where is his dad at5 second intervals. I got fed up and told him, "Ace, can you stop asking the question so many times? It makes me feel very irritated.."

And then I thought about it and decided that was not a very good instruction for him.. and so when I brought him into the room to drink his milk, I told him, "Ace, when you ask questions, you need to listen to the answer.... If you do not understand the answer, or cannot hear clearly.. you can ask again... you can always ask and ask again until you get an answer that you understand... But a simple question like Where Is Daddy... I have given you a simple understand.. do you hear it? Do you understand it? If you can hear me and can understand me, there is no need to ask again and again... ok? Because when you do that, i get really irritated..."

"Ok.." And he stopped doing that for a while...

But I suspect though that he is doing it because he misses his Dad... for some unknown reason, Max has been really bz... and so hasnt been able to spend much time with Ace.. I sometimes even feel as if he does not want to spend time with Ace.. like he made himself bz so that he doesn't need to spend time with Ace... I especially felt this way when ace was sick over the weekend... Perhaps it is the sacrifice or the fusion.. I am not sure.. when I asked him, he says he is not sure wat it is either...

I guess Ace just wanted some TLC and some attention.. so it kind of turned into a vicious cycle.... the more Ace craved for attention, the more Max became independent... They say tat children are a reflection of our sub concsious mind.. maybe it is my neediness tat is making Max run away.. Hiaks ;)

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maximus said...

Women tend to think too muc...but then again sometimes they can be quite right. :)