Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ace Can Bath Himself!

Three years old does seem like a turning point in one's life... Ace just hit another milestone in his life ;) He can bath himself already!

The other day, Ace shit in his diapers and suddenly inspired, I decided to see if he wants to try to bath himself and I asked him if he wanted to bath himself. He turned out to be really excited about it and started bathing himself. I went to get a camera to take pictures of him and he had a great time bathing even though he did not do a very good job.

Afterward when you smelled his head, half is smelly and half smells good... haha.. cos he did not wash his head very well. But still I think it is not a bad try for a first timer.

So later when I patted him to sleep, I told him that he is very clever and that he should tell his Daddy when Daddy comes home that he is a clever boy because he can bath himself.

Ace was just about to sleep at this point when he suddenly opened his eyes and told me, "Hai you waigong... " pause... "hai you waipo.." and went on to list everyone in the family...

So when we went over to my mum's place later in the day, while we were on the stairs and about to reach, I asked him if he wanted to tell Waigong about it and he started to try and run down the stairs and even fell down but unlike usually when he would want me to kiss his boo boo, he just ignored it and quickly went to Waigong's doorstep and told shouted him, "Waigong! Wo zi ji chong liang leh!"

When I told Max about this, he laughed and said that Ace is indeed a true blue teochew (and they are well known for being hao lian/boastful).

The funniest thing is that a few days later when Ace shit again, I asked him if he wanted to bath himself and he said yes. So I gave him the towel and sent him marching towards the bathroom.

Midway there, he turned around and asked me, "Mummy, ni yao na camera pai wo zi ji chong liang ma?" (Do you want to take the camera and take pictures of me bathing myself?)

Here is a video of him bathing himself ;)">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350">

Guess he knows when I do that, whole world knows he is very clever! Hahaha....

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