Friday, July 18, 2008

Ace Model

Hahaha.. it has been a long time since I had the mood to take lots of pics of our favourite model, Ace..

The other day I caught him in a good mood and took the chance to take a series of photos for him ;)

PS: Updates about Ace going to school. When he came home on last friday, his teacher said he looked a little unhappy while he was in school in the morning. But when I went to pick him in the evening and asked him if he was happy and if he was enjoying himself, he answered with a resounding YES! But still, come sunday when we talked to him about going to school in the morning, he says he does not want to go to school.

Well, Max prepped talk him about going to school and making friends and Ace told us, "I don't want to play with my friends. I don't like to play with friends.." Even though that was his main motivation for going to school initially.

I gave him another series of prep talk about why we need to go to school.. so that we can learn more knowledge and build network so that when we do business, we can make a lot of money and then he can buy alot of noodles, alot of barney bags and alot of whatever he likes.

This morning, he tried to wriggle his way out of going to school again and thinking that it could be that just before he went to school, I often cooked for him and spent alot of time with him.. and probably missed having that and so I told him if he goes to school, we will pick him early and I will cook specially for Ace my special boy... and then he is happy and ok to go to school ;) haha...

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