Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chef Ace

Maybe it is influence from my Dad or maybe there are just too many shows related to food on TV.. and then again, maybe it is his love for food... Ace simply loves to play with the pots and pans that we bought him.
I initially bought the set for him because he liked to cut those vege that are stuck together with velcro.. but he ended up enjoying cooking more than that...
These days, he has taken to cooking his play dough and will cook things that he likes to eat... and sometimes what we like to eat..

For example, he would say that he is cooking la jiao (chilli) for Daddy and cooking noodles for himself...

The strange thing is that when he cooks, his portions for me is very small and portion for daddy is super big... I asked him if it is because he knows I am on a diet.. hahaa..

If he is in a good mood, he will not only provide the fork and spoon but will even attempt to feed you. "Wo wei ni.. yao bu yao?" he will ask.

Maybe he will grow up to be a chef.. or maybe.. just a SNAG that can cook.. JUST LIKE HIS DADDY! ;)
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